Jobs To Be Done

Products and services fail regularly to meet customer expectations but what is going wrong? Companies are asking customers what they […]

The Attention Merchants

Everybody wants our attention and often our money, so it is very big business to try and grab our attention […]

The Advertising Solution

A simple proposition: get educated about direct marketing and advertising copy (text) that can boost awareness of your brand, get […]


We love and are dependent on mobile devices, even if we don’t know it or decline to admit it. Invariably […]

The Zen Of Social Media Marketing

This book, now in its fourth revised edition, seeks to help the reader navigate the possibly stressful, ever-changing world of […]


The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is one of the most important institutions in the United Kingdom, delivering radio, television and […]

The Content Trap

Getting noticed in our digital world has never been easier on one hand, since everybody can be a publisher. Yet […]


Here’s a powerful book that you may not want to miss, written by a serial entrepreneur and a venture capitalist, […]